GPYM Clerk’s Closing Minute


I wonder… what work of the Spirit GPYM is drawn to? What might be a new invitation given by the sweet gentle Spirit for our yearly meeting?

As a people called Great Plains Yearly Meeting, we have experienced the presence of God in a real and powerful way…and we have been grateful. The Light was spread over many hard things, revealing woundedness we did not know was there in this present space. We have carefully and diligently walked on from these discoveries with a great fortitude and purpose.  We are growing in confidence in God’s ability to heal us & guide us… we are becoming sure in the hope that we may thrive as a people.

We are faithfully enduring (in a stable, positive sense) the process it takes to move forward. We have accepted the order brought to us through Divine intervention, revealed through revelation. A “Project” turned into an “Initiative”…the Initiative became our new Home Missions Committee… Provision has been better understood and implemented.

Holy clarity has been our gift. As Spirit continues to reveal to us the needs to care for …I expect we will be seekers of unity & Light in all matters. Loving each other well…

So… what work might the Holy Spirit be drawing us to? What new invitation is offered to us? Consider our part in moving the agenda of God here on earth. What might that be for you? What might that be for your Monthly Meeting? What might that be for us all in GPYM?

Take this query home …