Yearly Meeting 2019 -- May 30 - June 2

at University Friends Church in Wichita, KS

“Much Good Needs Doing…

Growing in Peace and Love”


guest speaker: John Calvi

Yearly Meeting 2021 May/June

     Guest Speaker:

    Colin Saxton


We look forward to gathering together again in 2021!  The practice of safe distance and  wearing  masks may still be our norm, but Continuing Committee is hopeful for shared time and joy together.  

A link to Colin's 2015 Quakerspeak video is below.

Our Handbook:

How We 



Great Plains Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends Friends (GPYM) is a fellowship of Quaker meetings and worship groups in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. GPYM is a diverse yearly meeting, embracing Friends from a broad spectrum of faith and practice. As a yearly meeting, we are part of Friends United Meeting. Three of our local meetings are directly affiliated with Friends General Conference; one of our meetings is dually affiliated with Evangelical Friends Church International. Our unity is the Spirit of Christ, who gathers us together in love and will show us our way forward as we humbly seek to know and live God's will for us.

We believe all people can have a direct relationship with Jesus Christ. Based on our experience of Christ's present-day teaching, we bear witness to the testimonies of Friends, including:


·  Truth: we are called to directness and honesty in action and word, remaining open to new things God has to teach us.

·  Simplicity: we keep our attention on Christ's present guidance, avoiding that which distracts us from Him.

·  Peace: we seek to lead lives that demonstrate the love that God has for each of us, working to remove the causes of war.

·  Equality: we uphold the dignity of all people.

·  Stewardship: we hear and seek to obey Christ's command to respect his creation - to care for our land, water
and all living things.

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Great Plains Yearly Meeting

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