Use this form to request reimbursement from GPYM Home Missions for ministry and/or travel visitation expenses approved by the Home Missions Committee.  Please refer questions to the Clerk of Home Missions Committee at


Upon submission, this form is sent to the Home Missions Committee Clerk and the GPYM Treasurer.  A reimbursement check is mailed when the Treasurer receives affirmation of the request from the Home Missions Committee Clerk.

Approved reimbursement rates for travel:

    Food: up to $25 per person per day

    Lodging:  up to $75 per night per room (if needed)

    Vehicle: $.29/mile plus tolls (or rental car plus gas cost)

Please itemize other ministry expenses.

Home Missions Expense and Visitation Travel Reimbursement Form

Expenses to be reimbursed:

Thanks for submitting your reimbursement request.