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Great Plains Yearly Meeting Registration 2022

The cost to GPYM of meal preparation is approximately $10/meal.  There is no meal charge for children under 18 years of age.  Breakfast "fixings" will be available, courtesy of Council House Friends.  For planning purposes, please specify the number of child meals below.

Indicate your meal choices:

Friends are asked to prayerfully consider the amount they feel led to contribute toward the expenses of our GPYM sessions. Prior to the pandemic, it had been our practice to charge a modest registration fee ($40/individual, $60/couple, no charge for children/youth).  We hope the pay-as-led model for registration will encourage anyone interested to participate.


In addition to children’s meals, past registration fees have covered the expenses of a resource person/guest speaker and often an accompanying support person (usually an Elder), program expenses for all ages (including for those who provide day-care).  Even when a set fee was suggested, Friends were encouraged to contribute an additional amount, as led.  Please prayerfully consider how much you are able and led to pay this year, enter that number below, and pay using the "Donate" button or with a check.  If your finances prohibit payment this year, enter zero dollars below.  All amounts are completely confidential.

Any amount above the basic cost of meals ($10/meal) will be noted as a tax-deductible charitable gift to Great Plains Yearly Meeting.

Registration and payment are due by May 20th. 

Payment may made via the DONATE button or mailed to GPYM, 1840 W. University, Wichita, KS 67213. 

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